Sunday, 10 August 2014

How to order pizza - Elementary level lesson plan

It's been a long time since my last post, life has been rather unpredictable lately and it's also the school holidays; I've been spending less time online, but on the upside I've been spending more time with my family, which has been wonderful.  However the holidays are coming to an end and I've been thinking about my wonderful group of beginners and decided it was time to start planning some lessons for September.

This year I would like to continue to focus on improving the group's spoken proficiency, I want them to feel comfortable and confident to speak in real life situations. The objective of this first lesson is to learn how to place an order for pizza over the phone.   It's a situation that will give them the opportunity to review some of the language that they've already learnt, for example: giving information like name/address/telephone numbers, using 'can' to request and in addition to that, there will be lots of opportunity for speaking, listening and role-play. 

How to order pizza

Lesson level: Elementary

Target vocabulary: 
Food: Pizza/toppings/drinks/side dishes. 
Numbers: Money/Prices. 
Restaurant language: Menu/Take-away/Eat-in/Order.  
Requests: I'd like/Can I have.  
Giving information: Name/address/telephone number/Verb to be.

Materials: Menu handout/dialogue handouts/ toy money/ fake telephones or mobile phones/ paper and pens.

1. Hand out the menu (prices should be changed according to your country).

Pizza Menu