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My blog is my personal testing ground; each blog post explores the use of different kinds of technology that can be used to create lesson materials.  Each post is, in itself a ready-made lesson plan, designed to teach an idea, issue or language point.  My aim is to experiment with the incredible free online tools available and to share my results in order to encourage language learning in a creative, interesting environment and hopefully make lesson planning easier and more inspiring for teachers. Teachers can look for ideas or use a complete lesson plan and students can try out the materials.   

"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery."

                                                               Mark Van Doren

Emma Segev

My name is Emma Segev and I am the owner of Talk2Me English. I offer English courses to adult learners and business professionals of all levels worldwide. I'm a native English speaker and have been teaching ESL for more than twelve years. In that time, I've taught more than 25,000 online lessons.  I specialise in helping students to increase their vocabulary and improve their fluency.  In my lessons, students learn to speak confidently and communicate effectively. I offer Business English lessons, General English lessons, Conversation classes, Exam Preparation lessons, and an Advanced Level Speaking course.  My courses are designed to meet a student's specific learning needs.  My classes are conducted using Skype/Zoom/Hangouts.  I create and design my own materials and I have recently won two awards for my innovative teaching ideas. 

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