Saturday, 5 July 2014

Back to basics 2 - The Verb To Be

This is the second post in my 'Back to basics' series.  As I told you last time I'm working with a wonderful group of adults who prefer paper to technology;  I have been creating printouts to use in class and as with all my infographics, my objective is to transmit each grammar point in a simple, one page format. One of the main challenges of teaching this group, is finding a way to help them retain vocabulary.  By using only specific language in order to constantly recycle, I feel that I'm starting to make progress, it's a case of 'one step back, two steps forward':

This is the infographic that I created to introduce the verb - To be in the Present Simple tense:

I also created two worksheets, the first is in a simple, more traditional format and reviews some of the adjectives that we've been working on:

The second worksheet is inspired by Sylvia Guinan ,thanks Sylvia for introducing me to Bitstrips.  The worksheet reviews a few place names and jobs that we worked on last month.  

I can't wait to try out both sheets on this group and see how they respond.  I wonder if they'll feel more comfortable with the more traditional style or will prefer the more creative cartoon style.  I'll let you know next time.
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