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The World's Toughest Job - Intermediate Video Lesson

In this post, I have created an intermediate level video lesson using the web tool Edpuzzle.The lesson is based on an advertisement that went viral last year. In the video, applicants are interviewed for what appears to be the world’s toughest job. I don’t want to spoil the video, so I shall say no more, you’ll have to watch it in order to discover which product is being advertised and for which annual UK holiday.

Edpuzzle is a free web tool for creating video lessons for flipped or blended classes.You can read a review of Edpuzzle at Edudemic .I found it very easy to use and particularly liked the fact that you can add web links to the tasks or questions.

Lesson Plan

  • Level: Intermediate +
  • Method: Online class, flipped class, self-study assignment.
  • Age group: Suitable for teenagers and adults
  • Skills: Listening, understanding, making predictions, expressing opinions, vocabulary expansion.
  • Language: Job interviews, characteristics, qualities, idioms, opinions, describing.

Warm Up

1. Have you ever done a job that you would describe as ‘tough’?
  • If yes, what was it about the job that you found difficult?
2. What other factors can make a job difficult?
3. Create a list of 5 of the most difficult jobs in the world (If you need inspiration).

4. Create a list of 5 of the easiest jobs in the world.

5. Have you ever done any volunteer work? 
  • If yes, what was it and why were you willing to work for free?  
  • If no, would you be willing to work for free?
6. Choose one of the difficult jobs from your list in question 3, look at the word cloud below and choose 10 characteristics that you think a person would need to have, in order to do this job (look up any new words).  

7. Have you ever had an online job interview?  
  • If yes, did you find it easier or more difficult than a face to face interview, why?
  • If no, what are the advantages and disadvantages, of interviewing someone online?

8. Match the words in the table with the definitions below:

All- encompassing

  1. Extremely good or impressive.
  2. Wide-ranging or great in number.
  3. The ability to move freely.
  4. A monthly payment for work completed.
  5. Madness.
  6. Not genuine or real.
  7. A state of confusion.
  8. Without compassion or cruel.
  9. To a high degree.
  10. Including or covering everything.

Printable Lesson Plan   
You can watch the video as a guest or participate by signing up to Edpuzzle and entering the class code ej8GLB.

Here is the original version:


1. Do you agree/disagree that being a Mum is the world's toughest job?
2. Is it harder to be a Mum or a Dad?
3. Do you think that the interviewees were real or actors? Why/why not?
4. How did the video make you feel?
5. Is it a good commercial? Why/why not?
6. Is buying someone a greetings card a good way of showing gratitude.

Here is the Father's Day version:

Additional activity:

Create a script for a job interview for one of the difficult jobs that you chose in Question 3.Create a job title, list of requirements, characteristics and qualities needed and interview your teacher/fellow student for the job.

Being a Mum might sometimes be the toughest job in the world, but it is without a doubt, the best job in the world!

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