Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Wishes and Regrets: Intermediate lesson

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Do you wish that you could speak better English?
With a little practice, that dream can become a reality.
"Never let go of your dreams"

Wishes and Regrets:

  • Have you ever done anything in the past that you wish you hadn't?
  • Do you wish you were richer/thinner/more fluent in English?
  • Do you ever find yourself wishing for things that are unlikely or impossible?
  • Is there something in the present that bothers or disturbs you and you would like to change?
We often use wish and regret to talk about such topics, but it can be difficult to know which tense and structure to use.  To make this easier look at the examples below:

1. To express regret about a past action using 'wish': Wish+(that)+Past Perfect
  • I wish (that) I hadn't failed my driving test.
  • I wish (that) I had gone to university.
2. To express regret about a past action using 'regret': Regret+verb+ing
  • I regret failing my driving test.
  • I regret not going to university.
3. To express regret or to discuss unreal situations in the present or future: Wish+(that)+past simple/past continuous
  • I wish (that) I spoke better English.
  • I wish (that) I had more money.
  • I wish (that) they were coming on holiday with us.
4. To express annoyance about something that disturbs you and you would like to change: Wish+(that)+subject+would+infinitive
  • I wish (that) you would stop smoking.
  • I wish (that) it would stop raining.
  • I wish (that) you wouldn't speak so loudly on your mobile phone.

5. To talk about something that you really desire or something that is impossible or imaginary: Wish+(that)+could+infinitive 
  • I wish I could fly.
  • I wish I could retire at the age of 40.
  • I wish I could improve my English.
Now you can share your wishes and regrets with me :-)

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