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The Future with Going To - Intermediate lesson

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The Future Tense with Going To 

Intermediate lesson 

In spoken English, we often use going to + the infinitive to talk about the future.  We use it to talk about our future plans, to make predictions and to give our opinion about what will happen in the future:

Jo: Look at the dark clouds in the sky; I think it's going to rain.

Rose: I think you're right. Are you going to take an umbrella, when you go out?

Jo: No, but I am going to wear my raincoat.

Rose: Where are you going?

Jo: I'm going to meet friends for lunch?

Rose: When and where are you going to meet them?

Jo: We're going to meet at 1.00 pm, at the new Italian restaurant in town. Are you going to come with me?

Rose: I'm not sure yet, it depends on the weather.

Exercise 1: Complete the sentences using the correct form of 'The 
future with going to":

  1. I have to work at the weekend, so I (go) ___not ________ to the party.
  2. (meet) _________________ Jim at 4:30 pm.
  3. What (you/wear) ________________ to the party tonight?
  4. I haven't decided yet, but I think (go) __________ to the cinema tonight.
  5. This is my last day here. I (go) ____________ back to Italy tomorrow.
  6. Hurry up! The film (start) ___________________ in 20 minutes.
  7. I love spicy food, I think (I/try) ______________  the new Indian restaurant tonight.
  8.  Look at those big black clouds! It (rain) _______________________.
  9. Here is the weather forecast. Tomorrow (be)______________ dry and sunny.

*Answers below

   Exercise 2: Tell me about your plans for next weekend.
-         What are you going to do?
-         Where are you going to go?
-         Who are you going to go with?

Exercise 3: Tell me about your intentions for 2014.
-         What are you going to do?
-         What are going to achieve?
-         What are going to do differently?

Exercise 4: Listen to this great song from the 90's, listen out for the future tense with going to.

Fine weather: Bright and clear
Fine day:  A day of superior quality (a great day).

Note:The future with Going to is often pronounced in the colloquial (informal/slang) form as "gonna be" e.g. It's gonna be a fine night tonight.

* Answers:
1. I am not going to go to the party.
2. I am going to meet Jim at 4.30 pm.
3. What are you going to wear to the party tonight.
4. I think I'm going to go to the cinema tonight.
5. I'm going back to Italy tomorrow.
6. The film is going to start in 20 minutes.
7. I think I'm going to try the new Indian restaurant.
8. It's going to rain.
9. Tomorrow it's going to be dry and sunny.

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