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Business English Idioms - Risk Management

I used to be a risk taker.  In my younger days, I was carefree and often careless. However since becoming a mum I've gradually become more and more cautious.  When we hear the phrase 'risk management' we usually think about business, but as a mum of two teenage boys, risk management is an essential part of parenting.  During the summer holidays I heard myself chanting various mantras over and over: "Be careful" "It's not worth the risk" "Better safe than sorry" "Just in case".  I realised that we use many idioms in English to talk about taking risks and being careful, so I thought I'd prepare a presentation to explore some of these expressions with my business students (and possibly fellow parents).

 Business English Idioms 

Risk management

What is risk management? 

It is a strategy used to understand, evaluate and take action to increase the likelihood of success and reduce the possibility of failure.

Since the global financial crisis in 2008, risk management has become a business priority.  However, the necessity to be cautious often interferes with a company's need to take risks in order to develop and remain competitive.

Risk management is a common topic of conversation in both everyday life and at work, so let's look at some of the common idioms used in English to talk about taking risks and being cautious. 

Do you 'throw caution to the wind' and take risks or 'play it safe' and prefer to be cautious?

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Can you think of any other idioms related to risk management?

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