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'Do those who have less, give more?' - An Intermediate level video lesson, created in less than an hour.

October was a very busy  month, filled with new opportunities and experiences, but no time for blogging.  I've been teaching day and night, writing materials for a state of the art E-learning platform and have been interviewed about Online teaching for the British Council's 'English Agenda Podcast' series. I have also decided to experiment with the online language learning marketplace, italki and have created an account there.  It has been a very productive month. 

Due to my busy schedule, I decided to set myself a one hour challenge, to create an interactive lesson using a web app, in just one hour. Speedy lesson planning has never been one of my strong points, but thanks to eduCanon and a You Tube video, that a friend posted on Facebook (thanks Sarah), I am pleased to report that I succeeded.

Do those who have less, give more?

  • Level: Intermediate.
  • Method: Online class, flipped class or a self study assignment.
  • Age group: Suitable for teenagers and adults
  • Skills: Listening, understanding, making predictions, discussion, expressing opinions.
  • Language: Hunger and poverty issues, opinions, describing, opposites, synonyms, antonyms.

Lesson plan by @sandymillin

Warm up:

 1. Ask:

  1. Describe the picture above. (What/Where/Why? etc.)
  2. Do people who have less, give more?  (Have a classroom vote, write ideas on the board)
  3. Do you think that homeless people are generous? Why or why not? (Have a classroom vote, write responses on the board)
  4. How many hungry people do you think there are in the world today? (There are 805 million undernourished people in the world, that's 1 in 9 people that do not have enough food)

2. Review the following vocabulary, get students to brainstorm synonyms/antonyms:


3. Tell the students that they're going to watch a video with an important meaning, it will stop from time to time and they must answer the questions in order to continue.

More or Less? An interactive video lesson with a message

Teaching Method:

 URL address for the video lesson:

Online class - Teacher plays the video, the student answers the questions and student and teacher discuss the discussion points during the video.

Flipped class - Students are given the URL of the eduCanon lesson and work on the video alone, answering the questions and writing down ideas for the discussion points, to talk about later in class.

Regular class - Teacher gives the students the URL of the eduCanon lesson, students watch and complete the questions on their mobile phones, stopping to talk about the discussion points as a group.

Follow up:

  • Students research facts about the number of homeless people in their town/country/the world.
  • Students research facts about world hunger.
  • Student/groups of students make a presentation to create awareness about the issue of world hunger and homelessness and suggest ways to encourage people to help.

"No one has ever become poor by giving" - Anne Frank

So, how did I do?  Do you think I successfully completed the 'one hour challenge'?

I appreciate any comments and feedback.  If you are a Google+ member please comment below.  If you're on Facebook please message me there and of course you can always send me an email:
Thanks and I hope you found this post helpful :-)

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